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Japan nightlife and best attractions

Japan nightlife and top attractions? This fancy nightclub consists of 5 floors of the building in Roppongi. The first floor consists of the restaurant where there is delicious food, drinks, and a wine lounge. The second floor offers great RnB music at the Midas. You can find a beautiful rooftop bar at the top which offers some amazing views. You can find some great people to hang out with and enjoy some good music if you go clubbing in Japan at night.

There are many different kinds of live performance shows available in Tokyo today, such as a traditional Japanese show, comedy show held in a local bar and unique themed performance! Here are some of recommended night shows available in Tokyo today! Baseball is the most popular sport in Japan, and during the season, baseball games are held frequently in Tokyo. The biggest baseball stadium, Tokyo Dome is home to Yomiuri Giants and Jingu Stadium is home to Yakult Swallows, which is located near Harajuku and Shibuya area. If you are around during the season, don’t miss a chance to see the world’s greatest baseball matches in Tokyo! Read more info on Japan Nightlife.

Built in 1586 by famous Japanese warrior and politician Toyotomi Hideyoshi, Osaka Castle (Osaka-jo) was at the time the largest and most important fortress in the country. Although destroyed and rebuilt a number of times since, the present structure, built in 1931, remains true to the original. Highlights of a visit include the huge five-story, 42-meter-tall main tower built on an imposing 14-meter-tall stone base and home to a number of displays detailing the history of the castle and the city; be sure to visit the top floor for its superb views over Osaka, an especially attractive sight as the sun sets. Also of interest in Osaka Castle Park is the Hokoku Shrine, while Osaka’s best-known temple, Shitenno-ji, is also worth visiting and dates back to AD 59. Notable as Japan’s first Buddhist temple, this lovely shrine features a five-story pagoda along with a number of other exquisitely decorated buildings including the Golden Pavilion (Kondo) with its fine statues and paintings, the Lecture Hall (Kodo), and a lovely covered corridor linking three of the site’s gates.

Ginza is the best are to experience sophisticated and upscale nightlife in Tokyo. If you want to enjoy fine dining and high class bars then Ginza is the spot for you. After shopping, Ginza is best known for its nightlife, which includes bars, lounges and nightclubs. They are typically small venues that attract a decidedly fashionable and mature crowd. Ginza is also one of the best places to see neon in Tokyo. The streets are transformed into a light show after dark as the bars and clubs start to open their doors. Ginza also has a red light district of mostly high class hostess clubs. However it is important to note that some places here are on the more expensive side and not as easily accesible to foreigners who cannot speak Japanese so it is better if you come with a Japanese person if you wish to properly experience night life in Ginza. Read extra details on here.