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Top travel locations to visit in Guatemala

Top destinations in Guatemala and major festivals: Here we present a description and dates of the main festivals of Guatemala, activities that you can easily include in your vacations, we are sure that will improve your experience in the Heart of the Mayan World.

Major Festivals in Guatemala : Palo Volador. Performers test out their abilities to the Palo Volador throughout the festivity of their Saint; incredibly extra tall pine poles are consecrated and set up within the plaza for that ceremony. Pole dancers climb up in pairs to the top level via platforms and ropes, and then they rotate at the end of the lines dizzyingly (and alarmingly) down in terrific swooping circles. The ceremony’s roots should lay inside the Maya traditions of Yaxche, the tree of life. The places where celebrates El Palo Volador are: July 25th in Cubulco Baja Verapaz. Cubulco is located in Baja Verapaz 196 kms from Guatemala City (3 hours). August 15th in Joyabaj Quiche: Joyabaj is located 216 kms from Guatemala City, about 70 kms away from Chichicastenango

24 Diablos Fest at Ciudad Vieja. December 7th and 8th : Every 7th of December, a parade or convite slowly makes its way through the streets of the former capital Ciudad Vieja just outside Antigua Guatemala. The following day they celebrate the town’s virgin patron’s day, Día de la Virgen de La Concepción, and after mass, in the cathedral, everyone crowds into the plaza outside for the noisy display of fireworks. Discover additional details on Guatemala Vacations.

Extra Guatemala attractions: The small coastal village of Monterrico, with its laid-back feel and lovely stretch of oceanfront, will appeal to anyone looking for some time at the beach and a little nature. Unlike the high inland regions, the area around Monterrico is hot and tropical. The beach here is dominated by big surf and not always ideal for swimming, but beautiful nonetheless. The Biotopo Monterrico-Hawaii, or Monterrico Nature Reserve as it is commonly referred to by visitors, is a nature reserve created to protect mangrove forests and sea turtles. For tourists, this is usually the highlight of a visit to Monterrico. Covering an area of both land and water, it’s a habitat for a large variety of bird and aquatic life including leatherback and Kemp’s ridley turtles. Boat tours take visitors through the swamps and offer good opportunities for bird and wildlife viewing, particularly in the morning hours.

Lake Atitlan was described by Aldous Huxley as the most beautiful lake in the world. Situated in the Guatemalan highlands, the lake is a stunning exhibition of natural splendor. The portal to Lake Atitlan, the city of Pananajachel, is also a portal to an indigenous world of the Mayans and other ancient peoples. It is a beautiful area, with many tourist attractions, opportunities for exploration, scuba diving and learning Spanish. Discover even more info on