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Bhutan attractions

Bhutan is a fabulous place to visit, a magical ancient kingdom with beautiful scenery and a fantastic history. Trongsa Dzong: Trongsa Dzong is the biggest fortress and monastery in Bhutan. It is found in the Trongsa District at the heart of the country and overlooks the gorge of the stunning Mangde River. The dzong is the centre of the administrative district, and the monastic complex houses around 200 monks. Also found here is a printing press which publishes many of Bhutan’s religious texts.

Jigme Dorji is a National Park located in Bhutan and is one of the top travel destinations in Asia for wildlife. This park is the second largest national park covering the districts such as Gasa District, Thimphu District, Paro District, Punakha, and Wangdue Phodrang Districts. Why Jigme Dorji National Park is famous because, it has the best of both worlds, including wildlife, there are cultural sites within the park as well. In fact, the park consists of about 6,500 people living within the park taking care of the agriculture and animal husbandry; it has been listed as a tentative site by the UNESCO. However, aforementioned national park is home to various flora and fauna. Here, there are about 37 known species of mammals as well as endangered species such as clouded leopard, snow leopard, takin, Bengal tiger, Himalayan blue sheep, Himalayan black bear, black musk deer, red panda and Ussuri dhole. Nonetheless, this national park is also home to the sambar, serow, barking deer, marmot, goral, pika and more than 300 species of birds. Jigme Dorji National Park is the only park that has national animal – Takin, National Flower – Blue Poppy, National Bird – Raven and National Tree – Cypress existing together in the same premises. These features make the park one of the best places to visit in Bhutan.

We would recommend booking your tickets as soon as you are considering your travel to Bhutan. As the representative, GSA, of Drukair, we will be able to reserve your tickets for up to 30 days or more if you are traveling much later while you plan your itinerary in Bhutan. While tickets are available with the additional of the third A319, most travelers will be traveling on strategic dates such as a long weekend, public holiday, school holiday and festival period in Bhutan. For such peak season, we would recommend planning half a year in advance. If you have much flexibility like traveling on the weekday, it would be fine to plan your trip 1 or 2 months advance. We have handled travel booking with just 1 or 2 weeks notice, but such travelers usually have time and flexibility on their side. notice but such travelers usually have time and flexibility on their side. Find extra info at Druk Air.

Located at the northern end of the city, Tashichho Dzong is one of the most beautiful tourist places in Bhutan. A popular fortress set on the edge of the city’s border, this monastery is a delight to watch as it is set on the western banks of River Wang Chu. This is one of the famous Dzong in the country and regarded as the largest landmark of Thimphu. The dzong is situated two kilometers away from the actual town and holds huge importance as it is the main secretariat and its houses are the office of the throne room and the King as well. Some of the central monastic bodies and some people from the ministry live here and this is the summer residence of the monks too. If you have a plan to visit this place then try not to miss the 5 pm changing of the flag, as it’s very important to watch and it begins in the courtyard and ends outside in the front. Key attractions: It has not only served as the summer capital of the country but also as the royal seat of Druk Desi who is also called the Dharma Raja.