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Best hotels and attractions in Victoria Falls

Looking for cool new travel places ? Victoria Falls may be the place you are dreaming about. Once you’ve had enough on throwing yourself at, in and around Victoria Falls, why not take a flight above it – in an open air propeller powered giant kite?! It actually feels like you are flying. The wind is real, the height is real – the view is incredible. If you have already flown in a helicopter – this is the closest you can get to flying without putting on a wing suit! And if you haven’t flown in a helicopter…

Considered the least scary of all the highwire things to do at Victoria Falls, the Flying Fox still looks adrenaline-inducing to me! With this one, you’re essentially clipped into a harness that extends vertically across the gorge of the Zambezi meaning you can glide horizontally through the air above it! But this is some 125m above the valley floor you’re gliding and, moving by way of a pulley, gives the sensation you’re flying! The Shearwater Victoria Falls operation also run a flying fox-type activity off the Zim-Zam bridge (where the bungee-jumping is) but here they call it a bridge slide! Discover extra info at Book Victoria Falls Tours.

Zimbabwe used to be the side to stay on, with its classic colonial-style Victoria Falls Hotel located a short distance from the falls (even if you don’t stay there, you can still drop in for a very British high tea), and better views of the falls in general. But Zimbabwe has had well publicized civil strife under the iron rule of Robert Mugabe, and Zambia has been the beneficiary; it’s attracting an increasing number of tourists, even though Zimbabwe’s town of Victoria Falls has stepped up its police presence and made the area safer.

Tandem Skydiving at Victoria Falls: The king of adrenalin activities at Vic Falls. Forget the fear-triggering 100 metres of the bungee, zip line and bridge swing. With skydiving, we are talking 10 000 metres! Take off from the Zambezi National Park in Zimbabwe and fly over Vic Falls in the small plane. On the way up you get to admire the breathtaking views of Devils Cataract, the Main Falls, Rainbow Falls and Horseshoe Falls from above. Then the plane circles back and then you (and your instructor) jump out, some 10 000 metres above ground level. Freefall at around 200kph until your parachute opens and you drift back down to the drop zone in Zambezi National Park. See more info at