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Travel destinations perfect for horse riding holidays

Let’s discuss about horse ranches top holidays. Mixing nature, horse riding and relaxation in to the perfect holiday. This are the best places for a horse riding vacation, most of them are from the US but there are some other cool places outside the US.

The Home Ranch does many things exceptionally well, including innovative cuisine and cocktails, luxury accommodations and extraordinary programming. Nestled in Clark, Colorado, a 30-minute drive from Steamboat Springs, the ranch is one of the few Rocky Mountain dude ranches that offers four-season activities and family options for children ages 6 and over. Bonus: All meals, lodging, local transportation, fishing gear, guide services, and on-ranch activities and adventures are included in the price of your stay.

The Cherokee Park Ranch is a family owned dude ranch nestled in the beautiful Colorado Rocky Mountains. They cater to families with kids of all ages, horseback riding, river rafting, rodeos, fishing, music, dancing, cow wrangling, swimming, ropes/challenge course, skeet shooting and mountain biking. Your kids will have a full day’s worth of counseled activities should parents desire “time off!” For young ones under two, this family ranch offers a unique opportunity: bring your own full-time baby-sitter, free of charge.

Rowse’s 1+1 Ranch in Nebraska, USA, is another working ranch where you can ride the range and experience life as a real cowboy. Think wide open spaces, no crowds, traffic or hassles – and certainly no nose-to-tail trail riding. Expect to participate in all ranch activities, especially riding and cattle work – you’ll get involved in cattle drives, roundups, brandings, team-penning and roping. Included in the rates, which start from just $217 per night, are all meals, activities, riding, ranch shuttle, lodging and tax – incredible value considering the endless saddle time you get on a working ranch vacation at Rowse’s 1+1.

A few things about horse ranches. Since dude ranches are typically family owned (some for many generations), they are super kid friendly. Ranch staff interact with kids and adults, making you feel like part of their family. Kids become friends with the wranglers, cooks and other families. Ask a wrangler and they’ll tell you that many guests become close and time their annual family vacations to be together year after year. Depending on their location, ranch operating seasons vary. Some ranches welcome guests year-round, others are seasonal. In addition, ask about the required minimum stay. Some ranches require a minimum stay of two nights while the policy for others is one week.

If you loved your dude ranch vacation you may think at getting in to horse riding as a every day hobby. Starting with horse riding is not as expensive as it was before. Horses for sale are becoming less expensive and the maintenance is not very high compared to 5 years ago.

Horses for sale is a trending search on Google, more and more people discover that riding a horse every week or day is no longer something very expensive or an “aristocracy only” activity. Here is the top advice if you plan on getting a horse. Your number one priority should be your personal safety. It does not matter how good looking a horse is if it’s not well trained, well-mannered and with a steady temperament.

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