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Sarlat attractions and top destinations selection

Sarlat, France is a fabulous historical travel destination. What can you see in Sarlat and Dordogne area? Vesunna Gallo-Roman Museum, Perigueux : Petrocores, the Roman city on which Perigueux is founded, was one of the most prosperous in Gaul but after its fall most of the stones that made up its monuments were taken and re-used in the city walls. In 1959 though the remnants of this domus was discovered, and later excavations brought the layout of the building and its surrounding streets to light. It’s all on show in a bright glass building, in which footbridges give you perfect views of heating systems, a kitchen, baths and dining room. Marvellous geometric murals adorn the garden and several walls in the home, while there’s a display of artefacts discovered on this site, including precious jewellery, kitchen utensils, mosaics and tombstones.

House-hunters to Sarlat should stroll along Rue des Consuls, which has a number of impressive mansion houses that are testament to Sarlat’s growth during the Middle Ages. From being a small community controlled by the church, it had, by the mid-1500s, evolved into a prosperous market town popular with wealthy merchants. Further on you’ll see elegant buildings including the 16th-century Hotel de Mirandol with its imposing doorway; the 14th-century Hotel Plamon with its mullion windows; and the 15th-century Hotel de Vassal with its double turret.

Ecomusee de la Truffe, Sorges: A 30-minute drive north of Perigueux is the Dordogne’s self-proclaimed truffle capital. Its museum ( unravels the mysteries behind the black Perigord truffle – sold fresh in season for around €900 (£680) per kg. Buy pear and truffle jam, green tomato and truffle chutney, truffle mustard, honey and ice cream in its boutique. End with a walk along the Sentier des Truffieres, a 1.8-mile, truffle-rich trail that winds through vineyards, walnut plantations and meadows.

Looking for hotels in Sarlat? Sarlat-la-Caneda – by its full name – is a gorgeous medieval town located in the Dordogne Valley in southwestern France, within the greater region known as “la Nouvelle-Aquitaine.” As of the last census dating back to 2016, the city had a total population of 9127 people known as “sarladais(es).” Sarlat is also the capital of a region known to locals as the “Perigord noir” (Black Perigord). It is a town with rich history and a major tourist destination that attracts between 2-3 million tourists from around the world on an annual basis. The town center, in particular, is composed of countless picturesque streets dating back to the medieval ages, countless boutique hotels and restaurants with stone rooftops, the most famous of which are the “maison de La Boetie”, the “hotel du Barry”, the “hotel de Savignac” or the famous “presidial.” Read extra details at hotels in Sarlat-la-Caneda.