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Top attractions in Barcelona

The tourist sites are places where people come to visit, know and contextualize about a town or country. In this case they provide the country with an income that starts from the money inflows made in exchange for the visits. Some tourist sites are completely free, as many are payments, for the maintenance of your facilities and personnel that work in the place.

What places Can I visit?

If you are in Barcelona and do not know where to go, here are 7 places you can visit and admire: The tourist sites of Barcelona!

Park Güell: It is a great option if you want to visit a park and admire art. This place has approximately 17 hectares where you can observe animal and vegetable figures intervened through mosaics made with pieces of pottery by Antonio Gaudí. Inside this park is the Gaudí House Museum where he lived as an architect in a period of time from 1905 to 1925.

Sagrada Familia de Barcelona: The most well-known and visited monument in this city, designed by the architect Antonio Gaudí, the greatest exponent of modern architecture. This work is not yet finished however you can realize its incredible religious symbolism. It was designed 18 towers of which only 8 have been erected. It has three facades: Birth, Passion and Glory, all framed in the religious theme.

National Museum of Art of Catalonia: Characterized as one of the largest collections of Romanesque art in the world. Located in Montjüic Mountain. The salons are highlighted inside the building: Oval, Throne Room and Main Dome. Some of its collections: Romanesque Art, Gothic Art, Renaissance Art, Baroque and Modern Art.

Olympic Port of Barcelona: One of the most important sports complexes in Barcelona and the main tourist center of the city. It has bars, nightclubs, restaurants that offer the possibility of night walks.

Picasso Museum of Barcelona: This museum contains approximately 3,500 works of the youth of this great artist from Malaga, Pablo Picasso. It was opened to the public in 1963. It is part of one of the obligatory stops in this city showing the extensive and wonderful work of this renowned artist.

La Pedrera- Casa Milá: One of the most visited tourist sites. Recognized as La Pedrera for its stony appearance. This building designed by Gaudí lets you see the Barcelona Center from its rooftop. Close to this location you can find good Barcelona apartments for rent.

Casa Batlló: Key piece of modernist architecture designed by Gaudí and built by Josep Batlló. Through an audio guide, tourists can enjoy the artistic world of Gaudí. It’s about knowing the corners of the Casa Batlló’s house, and immersing yourself in them. It is also considered one of the most visited tourist sites in Barcelona.

It can be said that Barcelona has a large number of artistic sites where works from different periods are exhibited.

Is your admission free?

Most of the tourist sites presented here have a cost at the entrance, however, this can not be an impediment to attend each of these wonderful monuments ready for tourists to enjoy and share a bit of the culture offered by this Wonderful city. For more details on Barcelona apartments for rent please check our website.