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Top places to see in Cancun

Amazing Cancun, a must see for everyone. In the Cancun Center, the city’s large convention complex, the Maya Museum (Museo Maya de Cancun) is worth visiting to learn more about the region’s rich history. The largest such museum project since the opening of the Templo Mayor Museum in Mexico City in 1987, this superb attraction does a good job of explaining the ancient roots of the region’s Mayan culture, from its founding centuries ago to the modern day. Highlights include some 350 artifacts spread across three halls, most from in and around Cancun, including skeletal remains found in Tulum that date back 14,000 years and the remains of the famous 10,000-year-old “Woman of the Palms.” Other highlights include displays of Mayan architecture and art, including sculptures from Chichen Itza and the adjoining San Miguelito archeological site.

If you haven’t quite reached your quota of ancient things to do in Cancun, then you may want to visit Tulum. Tulum was once a walled port city that was protected from invasion and continued operating normally for nearly 70 years after the Spanish Conquest.

Sitting on the cliff-side overlooking incredible beaches and perfect blue water, Tulum was one of the largest cities built by the Mayans. A trip to Tulum is something you don’t want to miss, it’s also one of the top things to do in Playa del Carmen. Make sure to bring your swimsuit and take a dip in the gorgeous sea. If you ever land Cancun and you look for a transfer Cancun you can get in touch with Land Savvy Transfers in Cancun.

Snorkel at the world’s second largest great barrier reef, right in Puerto Morelos, and get up close to vibrantly colored tropical fish, lively corals, and lots of marine life.

You’ll get to snorkel at two different locations, with about 50 minutes at each location. See tropical fish, giant sea turtles, and gorgeous anemones lining the ocean floor as you float over them and explore the sea.

After snorkeling, you’ll have time explore Puerto Morelos’ downtown and beachfront areas.

The Museo Maya de Cancun (a.k.a. Cancun Mayan Museum) opened in 2012 in Cancun’s busy Hotel zone, right next to the Omni Hotel. It’s a must-see for anyone interested in Mayan history, art, and archaeology.

Spending a couple of hours exploring the museum is a great way to avoid the midday sun and heat. The museum’s 55,000-square-foot property includes the well-shaded San Miguelito archaeological site, which is home to 40 ancient Maya structures (including a 26-foot-tall pyramid). We saw numerous iguanas among the ruins during our visit.

Inside the museum you’ll find two permanent exhibition halls- one on the archaeology of Cancun and the Yucat?n Peninsula (the state of Quintana Roo), and one on Mayan culture. The third hall houses temporary exhibits.

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