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Trying to find the best luxury travel and you need to book luxury travel flighs at affordable prices ? Here is a guide :

Would you like to spend a week or even a month in luxurious and peaceful seclusion complete with concierge service, a local chef, nanny service, and an array of bespoke services? It can actually be more affordable than you think. Just compare a week in a luxury four-bedroom villa to a week in two, 2-bedroom suites in a 5-star hotel, and you’ll be shocked at the savings. To make the deal even sweeter, travel with friends who will split the bill with you. And think about renting in shoulder season when crowds have thinned and pricing is even more lucrative.

Take a small spray bottle on holiday. Fill it with water and spray it over creased clothes. Smooth with your hand and leave them hanging up overnight to help remove creases. This tip contributed by smart traveller, Annie Leighton.

When visiting a new destination make a list of your must see attractions. It helps focus your mind as there is usually too much to do and see.

When dealing with a hotel, agent or villa owner directly, always ask for a discount. If you don’t ask, they won’t offer.

Consider a holiday in the UK, you’ll avoid the expense, time and stress of a flight. The British countryside is beautiful and there are many wonderful places to relax and enjoy its splendour, also you just might find a whole new appreciation of your home.

Inform yourself about the health situation in the country that you want to visit. When applicable, visit your doctor in time for immunizations (allow up to 6 weeks for any vaccinations to take effect) and other travel-related medical treatments. You can find all necessary information on the website of the USA Centre for Disease Control and Prevention or the website of the world-famous Belgian Institute of Tropical Medicine.

Prepare your finances. Make sure that all your credit cards are valid and have a high enough credit limit. Know the phone number of your credit card company in case you would encounter unexpected problems. Many places still don’t accept credit cards or checks, so be sure to order and bring travelers’ checks or cash (foreign currency) in this scenario.

Think Eastern Europe rather than Western Europe. If Europe is your destination, the east is definitely cheaper than the west. Think about Budapest, Hungary; Prague, Czech Republic; or Krakow, Poland. Consider countries like Slovenia, Croatia, or Romania.

Plan for a variety of accommodation styles. On a trip of more than a week I always plan for some budget accommodation, some mid-range, and some luxury. Truly, there are advantages to budget accommodation and by saving on a few nights in a cheaper hotel I can come in on budget even when I include a few nights at a more expensive one.

Suggested destinations : Nevis is such a beautiful and remote escape, perfect for couples looking for secluded romance. Everything about the island is so peaceful-the people, the waves, the ambiance. One of my favorite things about the island is how eco-friendly and in touch with nature it is. Everything from its spa treatments to the cocktails embraces the earth and everything that comes from it. Local ingredients like Nevisian honey can be found in anything. You can visit local farms and learn about how the organic ingredients are grown. A trip here will have you feeling at peace in no time. The Four Seasons, Nevis is possibly the most quintessential Caribbean getaway for celebs-and who can blame them! I even made this sweet video to showcase it! Find out my picks for best things to see and do in Nevis!

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